What's Good?

March 1, 2012


Almost every year, magazines like GQ and Details come out and say ‘the backpack is dead’. They say you should stop wearing one when you're 18 or when you're no longer in school. They say it looks silly and there's no way it can work in modern fashion.

I am here today to tell you that the backpack is NOT dead, it never was dead and it never will be dead. The backpack is a vital part of a man's wardrobe. I have been a subscriber to GQ and Details for almost 5 years now. I generally listen to their fashion tips but this is something they got wrong.

The right backpack can make a wardrobe look complete, but not douchey. Prepared, but not preppy. Now don’t get it twisted, the backpack is not for every situation and not every back pack looks good on you. You need to stick to brands like Quicksilver, Nike, JanSport and if you want a sure thing go with Dakine. Stay away from travel backpacks, backpacks with your company logo on it and the arch enemy of all backpacks...the one strap backpack.

There are also rules to when you can where your backpack. Do not wear with heavy coats, in the boardroom or on a date. Some times the bags GQ and Details want you to wear are just too...GQ. They look like your trying too hard. I don’t want a Cambodian goat leather, over the shoulder bag. When someone walks into a room and I can tell right away that they spent more than $1,000 on their side bag, I think less of them.

Wear your backpack right and you will look like a stud. Wear your backpack wrong and you'll look like a hipster hobo.

Just remember that the backpack is here! It’s in the rear! And it’s great for carrying beer!


February 21, 2012


The answer is: very good.

I was recently on a road trip with one of my buddies and at the very last minute his car broke down, so we had to take his parents car. After we ran out of things to talk about, we popped the stereo on only to receive soul fellatio from the sweet sounds of Daryl Hall and John Oats. They are so good!I had forgotten how freaking awesome their songs are. They sound like the type of 80’s porn music that distracts you from the porn; it’s so good. Their lyrics are so simple, but so deep, but so simple...but so deep. John Oats practically invented the mustache and Daryl Hall looks remarkably like Julia Roberts. All of these things combine to make them one of the greatest bands of all time. If you don’t know who they are, you are cray! They had 34 songs on the ‘Hot 100’, They have 7 platinum albums and Billboard magazine recently ranked them as #15 on the Greatest Artists of All-Time list and the #1 duo. If you still don’t know who they are, then watch movies like ‘Step Brothers’, ‘The Fighter’, ‘Runaway Bride’, 'She’s Out Of My League’, ‘500 Days Of Summer’ and ‘The Wedding Singer’. On T.V. shows like ‘Glee’ and ‘The Shield’, and video games like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ to hear some of their songs. If you STILL don’t know who they are, then listen to songs like ‘Every Time You Go Away’, ‘Rich Girl’, ‘You Make My Dreams’, ‘Kiss On My List', ‘Maneater’, ‘I Can’t Go For That’, ‘Private Eyes’ and ‘Everything Your Heart Desires’.

Their music is also incredibly diverse. It’s perfect for a party, a road trip, a romantic dinner, pump up music and of course the boudoir....especially the boudoir.

I can’t contain it anymore. I love Hall & Oats and the heart boner their music gives me.


February 6, 2012


Right after I wrapped BMS, I took off on my first ‘real’ trip. I’ve done the typical trip to Florida with the family and I’ve been to NYC for a crazy weekend with some friends but I’ve never really been on an adventure, which I later realized was something I really needed. I hopped on a plane and took off. Over the course of 4 months, I visited 25 countries. Some for only a couple days, some for weeks. I drank a Guinness in Ireland, I drank a Heineken in Amsterdam and I drank a Castle in South Africa. I saw world famous waterfalls in Zambia, in Iceland and in Scotland. I slept on the sand in the desert in Jordan and Morocco. I stood on the grounds of one of our world's most recent wars in Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia. I went to some of the most amazing museums in Germany, Greece and Turkey and I drank too much...well...everywhere.

I met some of the most amazing people while I was away and I saw some of the most amazing things. I never really understood what people meant when they said that traveling changes you. I get it now. I needed that perspective. I needed to see those things. I needed to broaden my mind, as an actor and as a person. I had been living my life and carving out my career as a person from Canada. I knew other countries existed but it’s not until you see how other people live and what they live with, that you truly understand...how to understand.

One of the things that I now ‘understand’ is how amazingly different and similar this world is. It was amazing to see how different the perception of beauty is around the world. I was pleasantly surprised to walk down the streets of Bulgaria and see billboards with voluptuous woman advertising bathing suits. Billboards that wouldn’t last for one second in Western culture. It was also amazing to see how similar the food is around the world. We all just cook it a little differently or eat it a little differently. Comparatively, it was an incredible feeling to be on the other side of the world and feel so close to the person standing next to me. We all live in very different places with our own individual morals, ideals, history and laws but we are all the same. We all feel anger, we all feel pain, we all feel happiness. People in Zambia don’t love their children less than we do in Canada. It really makes you stand back and think. It makes you wonder why there are so many wars in this world, why there is so much hatred. We are all the same people.

I was incredibly lucky to have this opportunity. All the stars aligned for me. It’s not very often that a person can pick up and go like I did but I will never forget the people I met or the things I saw. This was an adventure I will never forget.


January 30, 2012


With another season of BMS under our belts, it's time to reflect. Our show is only successful because of all its moving parts. We have the most amazing crew who work tirelessly and we have some of the most amazing producers, production staff and creators. We also have an incredibly talented cast. Our cast is unusually close for a television program. We hang out on and off set and stay in contact most of the year. Hopefully this registers on camera.

Our show would be nothing though without you, the viewers. Our show isn't for everybody but for those it appeals to, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for another amazing season.


February 2, 2011


With award season underway, it has dawned on me that one of the reasons we all love to watch award shows is because we, as a society, love to judge and critique. With that being said, I have decided to create the first annual Robbie’s. The Robbie’s have three categories: Music, Television and Film. I will choose nominees for each award and the winner will have the honour and privilege of being able to claim one of the coveted and first ever Robbie awards...BIG DEAL!


Best Single

*Fuck You – Cee Lo Green

*Fireworks – Katy Perry

*Little Lion Man – Mumford and Sons

*Need You Now – Lady Antebellum

And the winner is...FUCK YOU – CEE LO GREEN.

Great song, great melody, great music video and Cee Lo is a boss.

Best Album

*Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark twisted Fantasy

*Hanson – Shout It Out

*B.O.B. - The Adventures of Bobby Ray

*Ray LaMontagne and The Pariah Dogs - God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise

*Katy Perry - Teenage Dream


Kanye’s new album was amazing. If you want to know how I feel about Kanye read the article I wrote on him in November (below). Hanson really shocked me with their new album. It was full of infectious jams that really made me bob my head. I know some of you think this is just my weird taste in music but Entertainment Weekly, GQ and Rolling Stone all agree with me...so BAM. Hanson has grown up and they are back with a vengeance.


Best Comedy

*Two and a Half Men - CBS

*Blue Mountain State – Spike TV

*Modern Family - ABC

*Entourage – HBO

And the winner is...BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE.

I’m not saying this because I’m biased. I really do think it’s the funniest show on TV...With Entourage in close second.

Best Drama

*Friday Night Lights – Direct TV

*Breaking Bad – AMC

*Boardwalk Empire – HBO

*Mad Men – AMC

And the winner is...FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

This has been the best drama on TV for the past 4 seasons. Sad to see it go in its 5th and final season.


Best Supporting Actress

*Melissa Leo – The Fighter

*Amy Adams – The Fighter

*Blake Lively – The Town

*Helena Bonham Carter – The Kings Speech

And the winner is...MELISSA LEO – THE FIGHTER.

Brilliant performance. I loved to hate her.

Best Supporting Actor

*Christian Bale – The Fighter

*Andrew Garfield – The Social Network

*Geoffrey Rush – The King's Speech

*Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are Alright

*John Hawkes – Winter’s Bone

And the winner is...CHRISTIAN BALE – THE FIGHTER.

Christian Bale is known for transforming himself for roles and he did it once again for this flick. Amazing actor.

Best Actor

*Colin Firth – The Kings Speech

*Jesse Eisenberg – The Social Network

*James Franco – 127 Hours

*Robert Duval – Get Low

And the winner is...COLIN FIRTH – THE KINGS SPEECH.

One of the best performances I have seen from an actor in a long time. Period.

Best Actress

*Hailee Steinfeld – True Grit

*Natalie Portman – Black Swan

*Annette Bening – The Kids Are All Right

*Jennifer Lawrence – Winter’s Bone

And the winner is...JENNIFER LAWRENCE – Winter’s Bone.

This performance is chilling. I was blown away by this young actress. Superb.

Best film


*The Fighter

*The Kings Speech


*The Social Network

And the winner is...THE SOCIAL NETWORK.

The Social Network was epic. Great story, great score, great acting, great directing, great everything. This movie will be remembered for a while.

Well there ya have it folks. Like it or not. This is my best of the best in the art world for the past year.


January 18, 2011


I’ve had a few people ask me where I spend most of my time on the web so I decided to make a list of my favourite websites. I’m not getting anything in return from these sites they are just what I deem to be the best of the net. Enjoy!

Addicting Games

This one is probably the most popular out of all of these sites. Addicting Games is the best and worst thing that ever happened to me. I’ve wasted days on here.


This site is where I go to get all sorts of hot and fresh music. Hypem has some of the best remix’s of your favourite songs and allows you to compile them for the best party mix ever.


GQ is the best men's magazine going. While I do enjoy Details and Esquire, GQ has far superior articles and photos. The website is a virtual version of the magazine plus much, much more. Check out the app, too.


There are a lot of sites out there like this, but Leenks is my favorite. It has awesome photos and great videos that range from beautiful to painful to hilarious.


I’m on this site daily. Ted.com is full of inspirational and educational videos from some of the brightest minds in the world. No matter what your field or interests are, you will find something that moves you. Sometimes it takes a little digging but it’s worth it.


Hands down the best urban clothing store going. If you get a chance, go to one of the five stores in NYC; but the website is a great alternative.

Football Fanatics

The best online sports store. Every sport, every size plus memorabilia that will blow your mind.

Filter Music

This site helps you find the best radio station for the music your feeling. This is also where I get all the backgrounds for my computer.


December 23, 2010


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Diwali or even Festivus, the holidays are a very special time of the year. It gives us the opportunity to reflect on our year past. It gives some of us a chance to re-connect with friends who we've lost touch with and it gives us a great excuse to binge drink. No matter if you spend the holidays with loved ones or curled up by yourself crying, watching re-runs of The Cosby Show while pounding Smirnoff Ice, I wish you nothing but the best this holiday season. Use this time to set goals for the year to come and be thankful for the year past.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


December 20, 2010


I’m not saying this because it has become my new favorite movie or because I’m one of those people ignorant enough to believe that Justin Timberlake will win an Oscar for his role. I’m saying this because good movies are few and far between nowadays. I recently had to travel 50 km and sit in a dungeon like theatre to see a movie that wasn’t animated, about owls, vampires or wizards.

The Social Network was a flick destined to be spectacular with the team they had. All-star actor Kevin Spacey was one of the executive producers. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, A Few Good Men) wrote one of the best scripts seen in a while and Hollywood heavyweight David Fincher directed. Fincher adds The Social Network to his list of hit films that include Seven, Fight Club, Panic Room and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The film also features some magnificent performances. Andrew Garfield opened a lot of people’s eyes with his depth and conviction and Jesse Eisenberg’s career has been launched by this movie.

This was a great film, with a great cast. With that being a rare thing these days I think The Social Network deserves to be called by its true name, so PLEASE STOP CALLING IT THE FACEBOOK MOVIE.


December 1, 2010

Blue Mountain State Wear

Christmas is almost here! Don't forget to grab your Blue Mountain State gear before it's too late!


November 29, 2010


I do. I really, really do. He’s ignorant, he’s rude, he’s disrespectful, he’s an egotistical maniac and he’s pissed more people off in the music industry than can be counted… but the man is a freaking genius. He makes it so hard to hate him.

I’ve always been a Kanye fan. From his days producing with Jermaine Dupri and Foxy Brown to the singles released from his upcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The man creates beats that make you bob your head and get stuck in your brain for weeks on end. He also has a knack for writing lyrics. I wouldn’t put him next to poets like Talib Kweli or Common but he certainly writes with more meaning and purpose than a lot of the bullshit we hear on the radio today i.e. “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying hey-yo I wanna let go”…really?!?! This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you – Kanye has been nominated for a whopping 142 various awards that range from 4 Teen Choice awards to 36 Grammy’s. The bottom line is, when it comes down to it, Kanye West is good at what he does.

So the question then becomes: Can we overlook his douchebagness and focus on his music?

My initial answer to this is no. It’s hard to forgive a man who has a ‘controversy’ section on Wikipedia as big as his, but then I ask myself this: am I thinking about his “George Bush hates black people” outburst on NBC when I bump to ‘Power’? Am I thinking about the 2006 MTV Euro music awards where he ran up on stage as ‘Justice’ was accepting there award to tell everyone he was robbed when I listen to ‘Runaway’? At this point, the only thing myself and most people still remember is the infamous Taylor Swift incident from last year, and if his track record tells us anything it’s that time will wipe that memory as well. I didn’t even remember the Katrina outburst until I started writing this but I can sure as shit still recite every word to “Through the Wire”. As a society we are built to forgive. I think many of us don’t like to, but eventually we do. Kanye thrives off this. He reminds me a lot of Michael Jackson. Jackson had been in and out of the public eye his whole life but even after being accused of touching little boy’s booty holes…twice… he was still the “King of Pop”. If I’ve learnt anything here it’s that music trumps all.

We remember the music, not the man.

The reason I’m writing this is because I think Kanye has done a superb job at remodeling himself since the T-sweezy incident and I’m ready to come out and say that I AM A KANYE WEST FAN. Phheeww that feels good to get off my chest. I’ve always considered myself a living oxymoron. I love kicking back and listening to Mozart or the sweet sounds of John Coltrane. I love sitting in the audience at the ballet or the opera and getting punched in the face with the emotion coming from the stage. Having said that, I also like to roll my windows down and cruise down the street with Snoop Dog topping my speakers. I love going to a club on a Thursday night and getting but to nut with some trick named “sparkle”. Kanye has a unique ability to combine these sides of my life that until now had never met. If you’re having trouble understanding what I mean, do yourself a favor and watch Kanye’s new 35 minute music video covering almost all of the songs on his new album. I think Kanye has always had this ghetto-fresh thing going but he puts it all together in this video. From the still shots of a deer in the woods to the ballet outbreak in the warehouse, this film is beautiful and – not surprisingly – was directed by Kanye himself.

He’s also making strides in his personal life. If you follow Kanye on twitter, you’ve seen his inspirational tweets that seem to go beyond what a PR rep would tell a struggling performer to do to boost his image. He’ll tweet beautiful quotes from people like Picasso or Da Vinci and post paintings he’s seen on his travels. Furthermore, the man has the best fashion game going in not only the rap industry but the music industry as a whole. He also seems to set a trend with every pair of glasses he wears.

I’m sure not everyone feels the same way I do but this is my piece. I’m very excited for his new album, filled with colorful beats and melodic rhythms, to drop. “Power” and Runaway” have already been released but check out “Dark Fantasy”, “Lost in the World” and “All of the Lights” – sure to make you bob your head.

Kanye, you got a fan in me.


November 23, 2010

Welcome to the new website!

I’m going to use this site as an outlet to let you guys know what I’m up too, what I’m working on, what music I’m listening too or simply what I’m thinking. I hope you enjoy!


November 9, 2010

TrillPR would like to introduce actor Rob Ramsay and announce that today is the official launch date of Rob-Ramsay.com!

Check out the side links to the rest of the site for more on Rob.

*Rob Ramsay is a Canadian actor from Toronto, ON.*

~Trill PR