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Based on a comic book series out of Belgium, XIII is a TV series centered around a secret agent who has been riddled with amnesia. While he is chased by an anti-government organization, XIII seeks out to discover his true identity; hidden behind a complex and mysterious past.

Blue Mountain State

Blue Mountain State (2010-2012)

The Spike comedy series chronicles the life of Alex Moran, a second-string quarterback for the football-focused university 'Blue Mountain State'. Along with the rest of The Goats football team, Moran sets out to uncover (and enjoy) many of the perks that are associated with college life and college football.


Patch Town (2011)

This satirical comedy-meets-musical clashes Russian folklore and Soviet style oppression with western-style consumerism. Patch Town tells the story of an abandoned child whose adult dream is to be reunited with his long lost adoptive mother.

Cell 213

Cell 213 (2010)

Michael Gray, a cocky young attorney, lands himself in the South River State Penitentiary after a gruesome twist of circumstances. Framed for the murder of an incarcerated client, Michael discovers innocence and guilt are not as cut and dry as he once believed.


Pure Pwnage (2010)

Originally an internet-distrubted show then picked up by networks like Showcase, Pure Pwnage is a mockumentary series from ROFLMAO Productions that follows the life of a fictional professional video game player.

Aaron Stone

Aaron Stone (2009 - 2010)
Percy Budnick

This Disney series follows Charlie Landers, a teenage who's the real-life counterpart of his avatar Aaron Stone, from the fictional video game Hero Rising. His adventures lead him to combat against the villains of Omega Defiance and the mutants of Sector 21.

The Listener

The Listener (2010)

A Canadian supernatural drama set in Toronto, The Listener is about a young paramedic named Toby Logan who has the ability to hear people's most intimate thoughts.

The Jon Dore Television Show

The Jon Dore Television Show (2007)

A mockumentary comedy, The Jon Dore Television Show has Canadian comedian Jon Dore mulling over certain issues and interviews real people to get the answers to the unsuspecting interviewees, in search of finding the answer to the episode's theme. Hilarity ensues.

It's a Boy Girl Thing

It's a Boy Girl Thing (2006)
Team Guy

Next door neighbours and sworn enemies, Woody Deane and Nell Bedworth swap bodies after an argument at the museum in front of the statue of an Aztec god. Each try to ruin the reputation of the other before realizing that they need to help each other if they want to get into the colleges of their dreams.


Mudpit (on hold/2011)

Cookie Jar Entertainment’s MUDPIT takes place at the nexus of the social and personal power of music and the appeal of role-playing in a digital world. This CGI animated/live-action series follows four real-world teens and their rock band, MUDPIT, as they follow their dreams of fame and fortune.